About Lamor

Our mission is to clean the world

The world can’t clean itself. But we can do it together.

We solve global environmental problems locally in more than 100 countries, through subsidiaries and associated companies as well as partner and distribution network – from oil spill response to massive refining operations and total waste management and water treatment solutions.

Performance, innovative technologies and services are the cornerstones of our operations. At the heart of our success is operating globally locally.

Values, mission and vision

Passion, innovation and trust are our core values, that guide everything we do.

Our mission “Let’s clean the world together” verbalises the company’s business concept and objective based on cooperation to make the world a cleaner place.

Our vision is to create a world with clean waters and soil during our lifetime.

Our mission and vision reflect our global presence and its necessity in bringing global change.

Lamor is a family company founded in 1982 in Finland. We have been working to clean the world for almost 40 years.

In our business, we can generate large-scale environmental and health benefits by protecting biodiversity, reducing emissions and waste, and conserving scarce environmental resources.