Lamor is an abbreviation of Larsen Marine Oil Recovery, and it is a family company incorporated in 1982 in Finland offering expertise and solutions for the protection of the environment and ecosystems.

While Lamor offered the sale of equipment related to oil spill clean-up in the early stages of its operations, Lamor has expanded its widely tested technologies and knowhow in oil spill response into comprehensive environmental solutions related to oil spill response, waste management (including the soil remediation and clean-up business) and water treatment.


Larsen Marine founded by Böge and Bent Larsen. Company focused on oil spill response.


Company’s expansion to Russian market.


Company incorporated its service business Clean Globe International with partners. Lamor’s global network starts to grow.


Deepwater Horizon incident in the Gulf of Mexico. Lamor supplied 70 per cent of the equipment used in the cleaning.


Tesi and Ilmarinen invest in Lamor. Service business Clean Globe International is combined to Lamor. Offering of waste management services is initiated.


Lamor acquired Corena Group to expand its service business in Latin America. Offering of water treatment services is initiated and the importance of waste management service grows.


Licensing agreement with Harbo Technologies to enable the launch of a global rapid response oil spill response solution. Offering of water management services is initiated.


Lamor signs its first long term high volume environmental service contracts.