Our net impact on society is highly positive

As part of our mission to clean the world, we ourselves must take responsibility for everything we do and pay special attention to the overall impact of our business.

We’re committed to running our business responsibly, in a way that keeps people healthy and safe, the environment protected and enables us to provide quality products and services.

According to The Upright Project, Lamor’s net impact on society is highly positive[1]. With limited resources, we manage to deliver extensive environmental and health benefits, including protecting biodiversity, reducing emissions and waste, and preserving scarce natural resources. Lamor’s net impact ratio is +74% which is remarkably high compared to the Nasdaq Helsinki average (-13). A company’s net impact is the sum of the positive and negative impacts it has on the world around it.

Heavily regulated industry

Our industry is heavily regulated, as legislation plays a major role in achieving environmental protection goals. We closely comply with the laws that guide our industry, a range of standards and regulations around things like waste and the management of hazardous materials, licenses, health and safety, data protection, public procurement, labor laws, antitrust issues, general business issues and taxation.

We comply with all ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certification standards. In addition, we’ve also set up integrated health, safety, security and environment and quality management systems (HSSSEO – IMS) that are designed to improve and enhance the role of certain HSSE and IMS factors within our operations. We will also publish a Sustainability Report during 2022 in connection with the 2021 Annual Report.

[1] Source: A study commissioned by The Upright Project in August 2021 on behalf of the company