Whistleblower notification channel

What is the purpose of the whistleblowing directive and the whistleblowing notification channel?

The European Parliament and the Council have drawn up a directive on the protection of whistleblowers (EU) 2019/1937. The directive is not just about managing reports but aims to create harmonized minimum standards at EU level to protect whistleblowers from possible retaliation by their employer. The aim is to ensure that a whistleblower who detects breaches of certain EU rules in the course of his/her work can report the matter without being subject to negative action.

Lamor has launched a reporting channel and established procedures for the reporting and follow-up of irregularities. Through the Whistleblowing reporting channel, one can confidentially report a suspected crime, violation, or abuse. The Whistleblowing Notification Channel is a tool for maintaining ethical principles and trust.

We require all of our personnel to adhere to ethical principles and legislation in their work. If any employee or shareholder suspects abuse, he or she can report it through the whistleblowing channel.

What can be notified/reported?

Through the channel you can report anonymously violations or suspicions,
for example of the following:

  • Bribery, corruption and money laundering
  • Transportation safety
  • Gray market
  • Violation of competition law or unfair competition
  • Violation of environmental and occupational safety legislation
  • Violation of data protection legislation
  • Violation of product safety legislation
  • Interference with the right of workers to organize
  • Unilateral impairment of work tasks
  • Other violations of law or our ethical principles.

Notifications must be made in good faith. This channel is not intended to report any other things than above mentioned violations. Deliberate misrepresentation is prohibited and may result in legal sanctions.

How does the channel work?

Whistleblower channel provides possibility for open communication between the anonymous notifier & the handler. After submitting the notification, the channel provides an access key to return the submitted notification. Without this access key the notifier cannot return and follow-up the progress.

Notifications are only readable by specified person(s). At Lamor, this person is the Chief Development Officer. Additional persons required for the actions may be invited to the discussion, but these parties will not see the original notification but only the tasks addressed to them. All notifications will be treated confidentially.

According to the Directive, the notifier has the right to be informed of the receipt of the notification within seven (7) days of the notification and of the action taken within three (3) months of the notification.

Your notification is submitted easily and securely by following the instructions in the form. After having sent your notification, you will receive an access key. Save this access key in a secure manner.