Shareholders’ Nomination Board

The Annual General Meeting resolved on 28 April 2022 to establish a permanent Shareholders’ Nomination Board and to approve the Charter of the Shareholders’ Nomination Board attached to the notice to convene the General Meeting of Shareholders. The Nomination Board consists of in principle four (4) members, of whom the Company’s three (3) largest shareholders are each entitled to nominate one member. The Nomination Board also includes the Chairman of the Board of Directors as a member. The members of the Nomination Board are appointed annually and the term of office of the members ends when the composition of the Nomination Board for the following period has been determined.

The duties of the Nomination Board include the annual preparing and presenting for the Annual General Meeting, and when necessary to the Extraordinary General Meeting, proposals on the remuneration, number of the members and the members of the Board of Directors. Further, the duties would include searching possible candidates for new members of the Board of Directors.