Provider of innovative environmental solutions

Lamor is one of the leading global providers of environmental solutions. Lamor is an abbreviation of Larsen Marine Oil Recovery, and it is a family company incorporated by the Larsen family in 1982 in Finland offering expertise and solutions for the protection of the environment and ecosystems. Globally strengthening environmental awareness is creating demand for sustainable solutions for soil and water clean-up, which Lamor is aiming to match. Lamor’s mission is to clean the world, which is demonstrated through its three business areas: oil spill response, waste management and water treatment. Performance, innovative technologies and services are the cornerstones of the company’s operations. Since its incorporation, Lamor has worked for cleaning the world.

Comprehensive environmental solutions

In the early stages of its operations, Lamor’s operations consisted of selling equipment related to oil spill clean-up, but since then Lamor’s widely tested technologies and know-how in oil spill response have expanded into tailored environmental solutions related to, in addition to oil spill response, waste management (including the soil remediation and clean-up business) and water treatment.

Lamor’s business is divided into the equipment business and the service business. The equipment business covers various equipment used for oil recovery, waste management and water treatment. Within its service business, Lamor provides its customers with versatile environmental solutions and services, which may include, depending on the needs of the customer, clean-up and preparedness services related to oil spill response, oil damage and other environmental damages, services for management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, tailored and adapted water treatment services and delivery of equipment related to the solutions.

Globally local

The company’s operating model is based on Lamor’s unique globally operating local partner network. Supported by the network, Lamor can deliver the best know-how and technologies to the customers. In turn, working with local partners enables efficient scalability and compatibility with the local practices. This way of working enables a successful transition from project deliveries to ongoing local business operations and creates significant added value for the customer and partner network.

Lamor operates in over 100 countries through its subsidiaries and associated companies, as well as its partner and distribution network. Lamor has subsidiaries and associated companies in 21 countries.