Guyana – delivery of integrated solutions for hazardous waste management

In July 2020, Lamor concluded an agreement concerning large-scale, integrated hazardous waste management solutions in a consortium with Gaico Construction and General Services Inc and Guyana Shore Base Inc, to be delivered to Guyana to the local energy company Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited (“EEPGL”), which is expanding its operations in Guyana. The service agreement will last 10 years and concerns the construction and ownership of an integrated hazardous waste maintenance building as well as the arrangement of financing and operations.

The operational company Sustainable Environmental Solutions Guyana Inc has been established for the performance of the service contract. The parties to the joint venture are Guyana Shore Base Inc. and Gaico-Corena Environmental Services Inc. The latter is a joint venture of Lamor, in which Lamor owns 49 per cent and Gaico Construction and General Services Inc owns 51 per cent. Therefore, Lamor indirectly owns about 24.5 per cent of Sustainable Environmental Solutions Guyana Inc., which entered into the agreement.

Lamor developed an integrated approach for executing the project that can be used to treat combinations of hazardous and non-hazardous waste flows. This approach aims to reduce the generation of waste and to increase the efficiency of the reuse and recycling of waste generated so that the amount of waste to be finally disposed, can be minimised. As part of the service, the participants will build a wastewater treatment facility in Guyana that can treat water contaminated with chemicals and oil in accordance with local environmental regulations and standards. The project will continue for another 10 years and is expected to start at full capacity during 2022.