Saudi Arabia – improvement of oil spill response capabilities in the Red Sea area

In March 2021, Lamor concluded an agreement with Saudi Arabia’s National Centre for Environmental Compliance (NCEC) for strengthening oil spill response capabilities in the Red Sea area. The purpose is to establish Tier 2 response capabilities for environmental damage in the region. The project started in June 2021.

The Red Sea is one of the busiest sea lanes in the world, and its coasts include untouched natural environments that could suffer irreparable damage if a large oil spill were to occur. The key mission of NCEC and Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of the Environment, Water and Agriculture is to improve the kingdom’s response capabilities in the event of an accident. The agreement between Lamor and NCEC is a key element in the fulfilment of the goal of improving the efficiency of environmental protection in the area.

Lamor provides NCEC with a programme consisting of services, devices, equipment and personnel with the aim of improving oil spill response capabilities in the Red Sea area. The services include assessment of current resources, preparation of a preparedness plan, the transfer of knowledge and the training of oil spill response personnel. Additionally, marine equipment and aircraft are delivered as a service for oil spill response tasks. As a part of the effort to strengthen the oil spill response capabilities, three oil spill response centres will be built in the region: one in Duba, one in Jizan and one in Jeddah.

Lamor serves as the contractor in the project and is responsible for the project’s entire value chain.

The project’s duration is three years, and the contract period is expected to expire in 2024. The agreement may be extended for 2024-2026.